The NBA plans to expand its team to 17 players, including two-way players, reports The Athletic’s Shams Charania.

Sources : The NBA plans to allow teams to retire up to 17 players in each formation (also bilaterally) during the restart of the season. The previous estimate was a limit of 15 players.

– Shams Charanya (@ Shams Charanya) 11 June 2020

Before the season was interrupted because of the coronavirus, a maximum of 15 players were entered on the team rosters. The increase in the number of places in the rankings gives unprecedented players more opportunities to overtake their title opponent.

Consider 10 free agents who can make a deal with the team to restart the NBA from the end of July.

Nephews and nieces of DeMarcus

DeMarcus’ four-time star cousins signed with the Los Angeles Lakers in the off-season, but never qualified for purple and gold after their ACL was disbanded in the summer. In the end, the big man was refused the opening of the team for Marciff Morris’ signature.

Since his cousins were released and not sold to the Lakers, he has the right to return to the team this season. There are already rumors of nephew reunions with the Lakers.

J.R. Smith

An integral part of the four consecutive journeys of the Cleveland Knights to the NBA finals, including the 2016 title, Smith has not been more than a year in the game. Last year Smith played in 11 games for the Cavs and then left the young team in full recovery.

Motivated Smith can help a team that needs a shot. 34 years old, former sixth grade, career 37.3% three-point shooter.

Jamal Crawford

Jamal Crawford remained unsigned throughout the year after his 2018-19 campaign with the Phoenix Suns, averaging 7.9 assistants and 3.6 assistants per match. Now Crawford’s 40, he’s obviously lost his train.  He’s always been in charge of defense, but his age has only made it worse. However, the three-sixth man of the year is a professional bomber who gets buckets when he is called up.

A year ago, Jamal Crawford resigned from 5️⃣1️⃣ in Dallas.

At the age of 39, he broke the record that Michael Jordan had set as the oldest player and lost 50 years.

J Crossover didn’t play in the NBA.

– Clipper Report (@BleacherReport) 9. April 2020.

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas took fifth place in the MVP 2017 vote and led the Celts of Boston to unemployment in the final of the Eastern Conference.

This season, Thomas played 30 games for the Washington Wizards and was then sold to the Los Angeles Clippers who immediately released a double All Star. Thomas has an average of 12.2 points and helps Washington with 3.7. He beats 41.3% of his career the best with 3 points.

As with Crawford, serious defensive shortcomings can make the teams reluctant to accept it. Thomas, however, should have taken a risk because of his packed capacities.

Gerald Green

Houston-born Gerald Green last played for the Rockets in the 2019 NBA playoffs. In low season he retired, but in October he broke his leg and did not play all year round. The duration of his injury is estimated at six months, so he should be ready to work. The green was sold in February to Denver nuggets, who abandoned it a few days later.

De Groene registered 9.2 points per race for 40% of the shots, including 35.4% for 3 in the last season with rockets. Last year Mr. Green scored 12.1 points in the league, which is almost the same as his career.

A 34-year-old player is not a solid defender, but he can shoot from the outside and if necessary cut into the basket. Assuming that Green has fully recovered from his leg injury, he will be at the top of many teams’ wish list.

Tyler Johnson

With a four-year $50 million contract with Miami Heat in 2106, Tyler Johnson is now looking for a new home in the NBA. He was released in February by the Phoenix Suns, who performed for him in low season. Johnson has this season an average of 5.7 points, 1.7 assists and 16 minutes in his 31st match (three starts).

At the time of Johnson’s release, Adrian Woynarowski of ESPN said the teams were interested in signing a contract with a leader.

Iman Schumpert

Iman Schumpert played 13 games against Brooklyn Networks earlier this season before retiring. The 29-year-old defender/vanguard is always a defender who can help teams that need help on the flank.

Burke Tray

Tray Burke, who played as a replacement for Team 76 in Philadelphia this season, averaged 5.9 points per game, 2.1 assists in 13.2 minutes.

The 76ers released Burke after 25 games. Any team that needs the ball should consider adding a 27-year-old player.

Allen Krabbe

Allen Crabbe has played 37 games this season, including 28 against the Atlanta Hawks, then nine against the Minnesota Timberwolves, who traded him for a swan before he was finally eliminated.

Crabbe, 28, is a three-point shooter at 38.7 percent in his career, although he has only shot 30.3 percent this season. Just two seasons ago, it added 13.2 points per night to the network during the 2017-18 campaign.

Anthony Tolliver

Anthony Tolliver has played for three teams this season for a total of 47 games. After signing a one-year contract with the Portland Trail Blazers in the last low season, the striker played 33 games with the club until it was sold to the Kings of Sacramento. For nine matches he turned to kings before the contract was bought out.

Tolliver came to Memphis Grizzly with a ten-day contract and played five games. Tolliver’s contract has expired so he can sign it with the team of his choice. However, striker stated he intended to sign a second 10-day contract with Memphis before the season was suspended to stay with Grizzly. Tolliver scored 3.5 points and 2.8 rebounds for each league and pulled 32.2 percent of the bottom in the period 2019-20.

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