Third Hour’s accomplices living today had long established themselves as open and honest interlocutors in Minneapolis long before the tumult of the tragic and senseless murder of George Floyd. Al Roker, Dylan Dreyer, Shanel Jones and Craig Melvin have children and in addition to being very involved in the news world, the co-host of the house deals with his children’s problems every morning. Faced with justified indignation, grief and destruction in the streets.

This morning, the 2nd. In June, each of the speakers under the heading Listen to the 3. June her own opinion about her personal situation at home with.

The third hour of the gang always keeps its social distance and does its job, but its audience listens.

Al Roker tells the third hour buds today that the color blind approach was a bad idea.

Those of us who grew up in the ’60s and ’70s wanted to train children to become colour blind, remembers Al Roker. Many of his generation, including teachers, remember the same goals. A sympathetic and beloved veteran Today, the meteorologist who fought against the human oil stick during the last harvest festival, now admits: I think it was a mistake.

We’re different. My color is part of me, and it must be respected, Roker repeats. In the other part, the father of the daughters and the 18-year-old son talked about a conversation that every African-American parent knows by heart.

He spoke of silence and respect when he was arrested by an officer and never lost sight of his hands. He’s a big boy, the proud father says. He doesn’t hide his concern that his son’s status might simply become a problem in some situations.

A high-ranking speaker in the third hour today recalled his parents’ march in the 1960s, and this does not seem to have changed much today, although multiculturalism and diversity are often cited as ultimate goals in any social enterprise.

Karim Abdul-Jabbar was also invited at the fourth hour today. The great basketball player told Jenna Bush Hager that a good first step for those who want to see a change for the better is to just find a real friend with someone other than you and build from there.

Dylan Dreyer and Shanel Jones know about friendship and how to be a mother to young children who have questions at this time.

Dylan Dreyer tries to get immediate answers because she says 3. time of day.

Today meteorologist Dylan Dreyer has already found the coronavirus in his own family. She is grateful every day that her husband, studio engineer Brian Fisher, has fully recovered, at a time when the mother was caring for the needs of her newborn son Ollie and her three-year-old brother Calvin, while the father was isolated from the family in another room of the apartment.

Just as the family faced the pandemic, the parents answer their son’s questions honestly. He compares everything, says Dreyer and notices how his boy, usually a toddler, puts two things together to investigate what he likes and dislikes.

She describes how he’s gonna say it: It’s small! of a pedestrian on a walk. Mom says it’s okay to be small. If he asks: Why is it brown (or another colour)? Brian’s gonna ask: Why are you white? From there the conversation and reflection spreads. Adults could benefit from these basic reference points of simple human existence.

Shanel Jones recently started showing her natural hair in the air for the third hour today. As always, the sensitive and sincere Shanel admitted that she was nervous about the decision. However, they were so well received that a friendly co-host even organized a hair-rooting session. Their natural appearance has become an expression of freedom and gratitude for the young women who look at them every morning.

This morning Jones remembered that his own daughter asked him why she couldn’t have a dick.

Mama Jones shared the conversation about how her daughter went to school feeling good, as many African-American girls know so well. When she came home, all the mother heard was that her daughter wanted a waving tail. This led to another open conversation, but it was for the best. The same girl who swung the towel for a while is now weaving, braiding, coats or whatever, because she sees in her mother a strong and open woman of color. In just a few minutes, this 3. hour session today of most television programs on how young children can receive messages that leave them indifferent.

Dialogue really makes a difference.

Craig Melvin faces his bearded father today at the third hourin a new way.

Unlike his 3 o’clock colleagues today, Craig Melvin is working full double shifts, one for today, one for MSNBC. The intrepid journalist was one of those who day and night took rubber bullets, tear gas, clouds and abrasive glass with them on their journeys. Like other cable TV colleagues, he uses his usual face mask and gas mask.

Melvin described how this beautiful and turbulent time had inspired more friends and colleagues than ever before to sign up, just to see what he looked like and if he did his best. These interactions must be routine. It is sad that social unrest is a sign of politeness and care, but at any time, better than ever.

Craig and his wife Lindsay Charniak are dedicated to the parents of their six-year-old son Delano and three-year-old Sybil Sibby. An active family likes to relax in the great outdoors and does its best not to get carried away in the hustle and bustle like Dad did this morning. The parents are very honest about their plans, but the current riots have made the father realize that his children are black, as far as most countries in the world know. Issues that neither he nor his wife have had to face will be part of their growth, and they are just starting to talk about how they can teach their children to orient themselves while remaining proud of their identity.

Al Roker closed the third hour today by reminding the children of the self-help group spot.

Although it was revolutionary for television, Al did not see many of these peanut families in his retinue. The only terrace parties I’ve seen were with Deborah, the TV icon says.

Life is never the same as in TV commercials, but this series The Third Hour of Today is just a short moment to really listen and tell a personal story that can bring lasting healing. If everyone can be so real and honest, George Floyd is laughing now.