It doesn’t look good for Fortnit: Battle Royale as a famous professional player left the game and switched to other games such as Call of Duty: Varzona or Valorant. Although there are many numbers on Twitch, not to mention the fact that the game has recently reached Marvel’s Deadpool, the headline’s future looks bleak when a former Epic employee’s recent comment misses the point.

Comments from a former employee on Fortnite

Thatdenverguy’s YouTube channel posted a video claiming to be a former Epic employee running on the BoomerGG handle.

Denver stated that the former employee only gave his opinion about the game and his future.

You can hear BoomerGH talking in the video: Not everyone likes Fortnit. In fact, a lot of people look at me, but they don’t really like Fortnit.

In response to the viewer’s comment that BR’s epic shooter will never die, the banner said Oh, no, Fortnit will definitely die. It’s just that… Again, I’m not even skeptical or negative, every game dies. Two weeks go by.

Will what I say die soon? Not necessarily, no. Is he losing popularity? Absolutely. When Valorant comes out, it will be a big success for Fortnit.

The Fortnite YouTuber noticed that BoomerGG had cut himself off from the comments, which made him think about what the banner should have said. He probably knows something and stopped just in time to talk about it, which will eventually turn into a virus, who knows.

Psalm withdrawn

In the meantime, the Fortnite community is well aware that professional players are leaving the BR shooter in other games. One of the last players to leave the game was Harrison Chang, known as Psalm. The pro came on Twitter a few days ago and said that his dream was to be the most rewarded opponent in the history of the games and also showed that next time he would play Valorant Riot Games.

He thanked Epic’s BR Shooter for giving him the opportunity to do something that few people have done with pleasure.

My dream is to become the most decorated competitor in the history of the game. My eyes are now focused on @PlayValorant.
Thanks @FortniteGame for everything. I had a chance to realize something that only a few people could accomplish.
Consecration makes dreams come true.

– 5. Psalm (@psalm) April 2020

Even DrLupo and CouRage

Even popular streamers like Ben Lupo and Jack Dunlop (CouRage) have revealed why they no longer play Fortnite. When he appeared in The CouRage and Nadeshot Show, the latter explained why he had stopped him by saying that he would literally go crazy if he tried to play a game like he had done in the past.

He added that, according to him, he could not play two-minute games for the national team with the SBMM to not come back, and went on to say that this was no longer enough for him.

As far as DrLupo is concerned, he agrees with what CouRage said and says that it is difficult to play the same game every day and forever. Both made it clear that they still loved Quinze jours, but CouRage said he couldn’t play the way he did in 2018.

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