As if the year 2020 wasn’t bad enough, rumours are circulating today about the death of legendary actor and famous comedian Fred Willard. A veteran of the big and small screen with dozens of memorable and funny roles, Willard has fans around the world who are very saddened by the news of his death. According to his agent Michael Eisenstadt, Willard died of natural causes Friday night in Los Angeles at the age of 86. He made us move, work and make us happy until the end. We loved it so much! He will be missed forever, adds Willard Hope’s daughter and notes that the actor died very peacefully.

Willard, born in Ohio, was born on the 18th. Born September 1933 in Shaker Heights. Later, in 1951, he graduated from the Kentucky Military Institute and served in the U.S. Army in Germany in the early 1950s. Soon after, however, Willard moved to New York City to start his career as a pop artist, where he performed comedy songs entitled Willard & Greco together with Vic Greco. Their performance was so well received by the audience that the duo appeared on the Tonight Show and the Dean Martin Show.

POWERFUL: Fred Willard remembered that Hollywood mourned the loss of the comedy icon.

Although Willard continued to appear on stage, he sought roles on the big screen and made his 1967 debut in his film about the exploitation of a teenage mother. The career began with a few dozen roles in the film, which were to be released in the following years. One of Willard’s most memorable works is his collaboration with director Christopher Guest, including performances in The Mighty Wind, It’s a Dorsal Stroke and At Your Suspect. Willard has also appeared in classic comedies such as How High, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and Anchorman: The legend of Ron Burgundy with his Anchor 2 suite.

Willard is also known for his work in television, where he received three Emmy Award nominations for his role in the comedy series Ray Romano Everybody loves Raymond and recently for the popular comedy series Modern Family. Over the years he has appeared in many other television shows, including B. in a Minute with Stan Hooper, Roseanna, Maybe it’s me, Griffins, Friends, Sister and dozens of others, and, like him, has played the role of a special hero on many occasions. Posthumously, Willard will appear in the upcoming Netflix Cosmic Forces series with Steve Karell and John Malkovich, whose role will be Willard’s final act.

Willard is predeceased by his wife, Mary Willard, who died in 2018 after 50 years of marriage. Among his survivors are his daughter Hope and grandson Freddy. We offer them our condolences. Thanks to his many achievements, Willard will be remembered and missed forever. Maybe the screen caption Jamie Lee Curtis said it was best for her to respond to the news: We’re so glad we all enjoyed Fred Willard’s gifts. He’s with his missing Mary now. Thanks for the deep smile in your belly, Mr. Willard. We couldn’t have said it better. May he rest in peace. This message is from a Hollywood reporter.

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