Yesterday, Congressman Karbajal became the original sponsor of the Police Justice Act, represented by Congressman Karen Bass (D-CA), president of the Congressional Black Caucus. This bicameral measure is the first comprehensive approach ever taken to bring problem police officers to justice and to restore trust between police forces and the communities they serve.

Since the murder of George Floyd, millions of Americans of all races, ages and nationalities have gathered to protest the injustice that black men and women all too often experience when dealing with law enforcement. Last week I joined peaceful demonstrators in Santa Maria and said that the lives of black people are important. This truth should not be debated, said Karbajal delegate. No man of color in America should have to live in fear of being killed by a cop. Moreover, no police officer may use his badge as a cover to protect himself against liability. The first step in strengthening relations between the police and the community is to ensure that law enforcement officers throughout the country have the motivation and capacity to remove problem police officers from their ranks. I am proud to be the first co-sponsor of the Police Justice Act to implement the long-awaited reforms so that our law enforcement agencies can better serve the interests of all members of their communities.

Police Act 2020:

  • Prohibits racial, religious and discriminatory profiling by law enforcement at federal, state and local level and trains all law enforcement agencies to receive training on racial, religious and discriminatory profiling.
  • Prohibition of strangulation, carotid artery restriction and non-strike warrants at federal level, and restriction of the transfer of military equipment to state and local police forces.
  • makes the use of dashboard and television cameras mandatory for federal employees and requires state and local police forces to use existing federal resources to ensure the use of police cameras on television cameras.
  • Drawing up a criminal record of the national police to prevent problematic officers who have been dismissed or who have left authority from moving to another jurisdiction without liability.
  • Change federal criminal law from intent to recklessness to successfully detect and prosecute police misconduct.
  • Reform of qualified immunity so that individuals are not deprived of the possibility to appeal when the police violate their constitutional rights.
  • Establish the Public Safety Innovation Grants to enable community organizations to establish local committees and task forces to help communities rethink and develop a practical, fair and equitable approach to public safety.
  • Establish law enforcement programs to develop best practices and require the adoption of law enforcement accreditation standards based on the recommendations of President Obama’s 21st Century Law Enforcement Task Force.
  • Requires state and local law enforcement agencies to report on the use of violence, broken down by race, gender, disability, religion, age.
  • Strengthen the use of systematic and practical investigations at federal level by giving the Civil Rights Department of the Ministry of Justice powers of subpoena and by setting up a grant programme for Prosecutors General to develop the power to conduct independent investigations in problematic police departments.
  • set up a working group of the Ministry of Justice to coordinate efforts at federal, state and local level to investigate, prosecute and enforce cases of law enforcement misconduct.

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Protest march in Karbajal

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