Qui sont les guerriers de la couronne? We are aware of the policemen and doctors who are at the end of their careers, but we ask what happens to this messager or pre-positioned in the hotel rooms when we ask them to play the role of infirmary for clients who need a quarantine or who are asymptomatic carriers of Covid-19.

The biggest problem is maintaining the motivation of the team. We all know that that was the only way to get a revenu quelconque… – Un employé d’hôtel à Delhi

The greatest challenge is to maintain the motivation of the team in these difficult times. Mental, we all understood that this was the only way to get a little money to cover the base of the hotel. The only difficult thing to do is to be prepared in his tête-à-tête. We live with our families, and the people who make them miserable a day like this, have declared that they are employed by a hotel in Delhi which would like to remain anonymous.

Recently, as a result of an earlier government decree, some of the hotels in the city merged with the hotels, and now there are four high-rise hotels in Delhi that have been invited to follow this example and to rejoin other hotels to provide more rooms for patients Covid 19. Those who are working in the hotel industry and who have not yet been confronted with this situation have already tried to quarantine patients 24 hours a day on 24 within the framework of the Wanda Bharat mission, which involves the international and national evacuation of the Indians of the world and their quarantine in some hotels in the city.

The personnel of the hôtel joue have different roles to play in the service of clients even in the case of a pawn shop.
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This is really a pandemic situation. But how do the employees of the font-ils hotel face this new role, which they have never had to assume? We have diplomas in hotel management who do not know how to deal with medical cases, a statement by Grish Bindra, vice-president of the operations of The Suryaa New Delhi. M. This will include the initiative to create normalised operating procedures and to train and quarantine patients with Covida 19 atteints, while at the same time creating an installation for them. I trained the staff, I’m even farther away and I made Covid the manager who shapes the invitation and the staff. In the hall, we have placed tele-commanded posters and autocollants. We have requested the assistance of patients in quarantine and contact our youth staff. Everywhere in the world masks and goose wallets and food are wrapped in plastic, and we do our best to ensure the safety of our people. However, I have employees in the maison with young children and young parents. Tout le monde a peur, ajoute Bindra.

Consultations médicales pour le personnel de l’hôtel au service des patients de Kovid 19 :

  • Get a distance of six paces with all patients.
  • Transports of EPI kits in accordance with the regulations
  • Effectuer un contrôle sans contact
  • Ne touchez pas à des points tels que les boutons d’ascenseur ou les poignées de porte.
  • The climatizers should not be allowed to enter after the arrival of the patients.
  • Ne pas laver les vêtements en sous-vêtements généraux.
  • Contact a conseiller if you are threatened with losing your life.

ajoute un employé anonyme de l’hôtel à Delhi : We currently have 70 to 80 calls a day, which is really a lot to plan and execute. I’ve passed the crowds of youngsters with my team to master it. Everything must be without contact, we do not touch the signed papers, we simply click on the photos to obtain the documentation, and all communication is done verbally or via WhatsApp.

We have had to leave our families for a few days and stay at the same hotel because we work for patients in quarantine. I would never have thought that I would be confronted with this situation in my career! – An employee in a five-star hotel

I have a 6-month period and I am not able to pass the time with them all today to help the government agencies control the pledge. I am really impatient to serve my country at this time, but I don’t have to disclose that this is done on behalf of my family, declare an employé d’un hôtel cinq étoiles bien connu de Mumbai, which has served locally and made the best possible use of its facilities. Il ajoute : We have been given the opportunity to learn about protection and basic training and we have been asked to work on the principle of rotation. We have therefore had to leave our families for a few days and stay at the same hotel because we work for patients in quarantine. I would never have thought that I would be confronted with this situation in my career!

It is difficult to cope with the pressure of working in these new roles. Urmika Sahai, psychologue consultante, déclare Si l’employé, in l’occurrence le personnel de l’hôtel, craint pour sa vie à un moment donné ou est exposé à un stress psychologique pour faire face à des changements soudains dans ses tâches, il doit consulter un consultant. Every time a person encounters a problem, they react as if they were fighting, as if they were fighting. Of course, an appropriate disinfection would help to combat mental anxiousness, but it cannot always dissipate it. In order to ensure a secure environment, the hotel staff must receive appropriate conseils in the form of a combination of protection and other protection equipment.

The Dr Sunit Mediratta of the Apollo de Delhi hotel supervised the hotel staff on the work with patients atteints de Covid-19 : Participate in the social distance and remain with one with all patients. The Don PSA kits as a mandate, and reduce the points of contact (door handles and poles). The inserts of the test without contact can also be rendus obligatoires. And the hotel staff must not be present at work, even if it is legally symptomatic. For hotels, it is also important not to keep the air conditioned after the arrival of the patients or to do the lessons in the communal area.

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