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Published : 13. May 2020 8:25:59

https://indianexpress.com/wp-content/plugins/lazy-load/images/1x1.trans.gif Sandy Morris and his father built him a pole vaulting platform near his house. (AP/photo file)

Less than a month after Nikhil Kumar qualified for the Olympic Table Tennis Games, the Tokyo Games were postponed until 2021. Like many other athletes, he now tries to stay sharp and fit.

The difference between Qumar and war is logistics. Under all circumstances his situation is perfectly manageable.

It’s a chance for my sport that we can have everything in the hall and it doesn’t require too much space or anything, Kumar said. Few sports are as happy as we can keep playing every day.

The coronavirus crisis has forced many athletes to be creative in their training, but in some Olympic sports, working from home is rather routine. Kumar could train with a robot pulling eggs out of him. Weightlifter Kate Nye is practicing in her garage. During this pandemic, everyone is struggling, but some competitors are lucky.

When things started to close, it clearly had other effects on our lives – but weightlifting wasn’t one of them, Nai said. I did as I planned.

The virus has forced some athletes to come up with unusual solutions. Sandy Morris and his father built him a stilt house near his parents’ house. In India, the JV Likit would train swimmers in an irrigation reservoir on a farm. Javelin thrower Kara Winger tries to simulate the event by throwing a metal pipe along a curved rope into the yard.

Compared to all this, the challenge for Qumar is quite secular. Recently he upgraded his equipment, which means that ping-pong balls are shot at him in quick succession.

With the new one I can give several laps, like any ball, and take laps over and over again, he said. It’s just that he’s more sophisticated.

He also trains on weight and runs on the treadmill. Perhaps the biggest concern right now is mental irritability.

It’s just another experience. But now, after getting used to it, training is going well, said the Californian Kumar. But it is also difficult to push yourself mentally, to come and train every day, because it is a little different than training with just one person.

Nai set up her dressing room before the virus became a real problem. Matty Rogers, another American weightlifter, was training at the gym, but she also had to move to her garage.

I like it now, honestly, because I don’t have to drive anymore, Rogers said. My gym is about 40 minutes away, so if I do two workouts a day and go in and out often, I save a lot of time.

Rogers had to make some adjustments. The floor in her garage isn’t even there, so she tried to fix it with a living room blanket. Neighbors also complained that the weights hit the ground.

We’ve got these rugs, so like every time I drop a bar, I have to throw it on the rugs, she says.

Rogers has spent a dozen years as a gymnast and she knows how difficult it would be to train from home if, for example, she tried to make it to the Olympics in the field of vaulting.

That would be almost impossible. There are things you can do to stay in shape, but you can’t do a normal workout from home, she says. There are many weightlifters who regularly train in the garage. I think we’re unique in this respect.

For Lucas Kozenesky’s air rifle, the basement is where he could settle. Colorado has enough space to train at home for the 10 meter Olympics.

I opened a couple of doors, and it’s like the hallway’s connected, and I’m like this: Oh, look, it’s really perfect, he said.

Today, the logistics of training can vary considerably within the same sport.

American cyclist Chloe Digert won two gold medals at the Tokyo Games, one in the road time trial and another with the pursuit team. She recently moved to Idaho to be with her coach and she says little has changed for her because she can still make individual training trips or cycle indoors in a stationary position.

The BMX track, on the other hand, has jumps and gradients that are not easy to model at home.

I have an elite training base with a minimum number of riders, and I hope they will open soon, said BMX rider Alice Post recently.

For Nye, the learning curve was easy – although that doesn’t mean it’s good now. She’s a student at Oakland University and wants to go to medical school. The broadcast of the Olympic Games caused a lot of uncertainty in their lives outside the sport.

But she can keep up with the weightlifting.

It was easy enough for me. My life hasn’t changed much. The school is online and I work in the garage as usual, Nai says. How will my future look emotionally? It is difficult, but everyone is confronted with it on a certain level.

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