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Many events took place when the NBA season resumed. Apparently everyone agreed that they wanted to play, either to go straight to the play-offs or to return to the regular season.

However, it doesn’t seem so simple anymore. With regard to the Covida-19 outbreak, there were some concerns about the safety of the players and their health, and now the uprising and protests across the country have made the situation even more complicated.

Some players will not support the Black Lives Matter movement during the game, but will only perform a diversion. Others say they need the money to make a real positive difference in their community. In addition, skipping the season will result in a drastic drop in the salary ceiling, which could harm a few rising stars.

Adam Silver has already stated that players who do not want to return will not be punished, even if they are not paid for missed matches. With such a controversial table, there were at least four players who openly expressed a desire to sit back and boycott the resumption of the season:

Eastern Conference All Stars 't-Wilt-To-Resume-The.jpg

Although he didn’t reveal his identity, Enes Canter said that one of his former Eastern Conference playoff teammates told him that he didn’t intend to disguise himself as his teammates in the Orlando call:

There are so many guys on our team that they don’t want to play. Actually, they’re at the Eastern Conference. They’re in the play-off zone, Canter told NBC Sports.

Again, the identity of the named player is not known, so we have to be careful.

Carmelo-Antonius 't-Wilt-To-Resume-The.jpg (via The New York Times)

Reportedly, Carmelo Anthony is about to join the Portland Trail Blazers in the air to resume the season. The 17-year veteran recently stated that he wasn’t entirely sure of his game because he didn’t yet know 100% of the details of the Orlando call.

As for playing and going back to Orlando, I’m still a little on the air because we don’t know all the details, said Anthony Ernie Johnson of TNT, quoted in the New York Post.

The Blazers are currently 3.5 times behind Memphis Grizzly for the 8th place. Starting point of the Western conference.

Dwight Howard 't-Will-De.jpg Credit : Getty Images NBA

Dwight Howard was in the middle of the ransom season with the Los Angeles Lakers. Recently, however, he said he doesn’t think the game will help the move, no matter how hard he wants to win his first NBA championship.

I wish I could win my first NBA championship. But the unity of my people would be an even greater mastery, it’s too good to refuse. What could be better than focusing on our families? Howard explained it through his agent.

The Los Angeles Lakers currently have the best record in the Western Conference and Howard has an average of 19.2 minutes per game.

Avery Bradley 't-Wil-To-Resume-The.jpg

Avery Bradley has never been known as the voice leader in any of his teams, but it looks like he’s finally ready to take a stand. He is clearly one of the leaders of the coalition who does not want the season to start again and who is ready to sit down.

We’re fighting the main problems: We will not accept the racial injustice that is still ignored in our communities. We do not allow ourselves to be in the dark when it comes to our health and well-being. And we will not ignore the financial motives/expectations that have prevented us from making wise decisions in the past, according to the coalition declaration.

Bradley currently averages 8.6 points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.3 assists per game for 24.2 minutes before the Lakers.

Kiri Irving There are only 20 people who actually get help, and I’m one of them: Getty Pictures

Kiri Irving has built a reputation as a troublemaker. This time, however, he is simply doing his job as vice-president of the NBPA, expressing the fears of many players who do not have the same profile as him and are not willing to give his opinion.

I’m not in favor of a trip to Orlando. I disagree with systematic racism and nonsense. I’m willing to give up everything I have (for social reform), Irving told the players.

Kirie was still with a shoulder injury for the rest of the season, and his position has caused a lot of commotion among current and former NBA players.

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