A series of events limited to two seasons, which ended in certain death: The premiere of World Beyond was for the 12th time. April at the CMA, but this week we heard the first one was postponed.

The new spin-off series, which tells the story of the first generation facing the apocalypse, will be added to MAC later this year. We don’t have a new appointment right now.

According to the deadline, the recording of the series was completed, but the series was in post-production for a number of more recent episodes that were affected by the closure of the company with respect to COVID-19.

The shooting on the themes of the undead and the fear of death has also been suspended.

From this world…

Some will be heroes. Some will become villains. In the end, they will all be changed forever. Adults and cemented in their personality, good and bad.

Two sisters, accompanied by two friends, leave a place of safety and comfort to face courageous dangers, known and unknown, living and undead, in important fact-finding missions. Pursued by those who protect them and those who seek to harm them, the story of maturation and transformation takes place in dangerous territory, questioning everything they know about the world, about themselves and about others.

Jordan Vogt Roberts shot a pilot. Alexa Mansour, Nicholas Cantu, Hal Compton, Julia Ormond, Aliya Royale and Annette Mahendro will lead the distribution.