Last February it was a smile, a high and a killer hook. Nadia (Natasha Lyonne), creator of the New York video game, drinks, smokes and sleeps next to her when she was 36 years old, then dies terribly while chasing a missing cat.

Then she gets up on her birthday and does it all over again the same night. And again. And again. It is Groundhog Day with exhausting and cursed existential experiences and the crisis of the early Middle Ages, the judges and the public love it.

But is there another season? Yes, he will. The next season, Netflix, caused a sensation in June 2019. As expected, Lyonne was very enthusiastic.

You’d think with the first season, the story would be over. How could they make another one? Co-creator Leslie Hedland announced for a Hollywood reporter We have given up Netflix three seasons of most bats, warm, passionate, that’s really how we feel, it’s our conspiracy with Ellidea and they talked: The more, the better. So it’s promising.

In a conversation with the THR, Lyonne said that I think that where the Russian doll is lucky, Nadia has a very clear character, so very big theories can happen to her, but they always feel the acquired things. They rely on some kind of live experience, so they don’t feel like they are floating in space or absolutely in the realm of fantasy.

From this point of view, I have great beliefs, and I think this show will continue as long as this trip remains interesting and as fast as new. I want to cultivate in real time with her and with our audience.

According to Production Weekly, the filming will be aired in May 2020, which means we can consider premiering it in 2021.

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