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Published : 16. April 2020 at 21:13:31

British flights, British citizens stranded in Amritsar, Punjab Amritsar patients, coronavirus patients, Indian Express British Supreme Court regulates flights for British citizens stranded in different parts of India. We had to announce more flights for Amritsar. (Picture/AP)

E.O. The British High Commissioner for India, Jan Thompson, tweeted about two more Amritsar flights to save British citizens stranded by the eruption of COWID 19, which stimulated demand for more direct international flights from the Holy City.

In response to this request, I have the pleasure of announcing two additional flights from Amritsar on 16 and 18 May, which will be announced in April. Amritsar’s flights are overbooked: Flights that are already on the waiting list will have priority. There are five flights from Amritsar to London this week: 13, 16, 17, 18, 19, 13 April. Tweeted in April.

The British Supreme Commission organises flights for British citizens who are in different parts of India. We had to announce more flights for Amritsar.

For a long time more direct international flights from Amritsar have been needed.

said Michael Raul of the NGO Amritsar Vikas Munch: British Airways had previously planned three flights from Amritsar to London to pick up its citizens in Punjab. But these three flights were only registered on the first day. Subsequently, the British High Commissioner had to announce two more flights from Amritsar to London. At the moment it seems that these two flights are almost full, and British Airways, the British High Commissioner, is also very surprised.

Then he said: Given the additional demand, British Airways could increase the number of flights from Amritsar to London. Amritsar is not a small town. Amritsar is a high-potential target. Hopefully, as the situation improves, British Airways will also consider introducing flights between London and Amritsar and London, which will provide greater comfort for Punjabis in Great Britain, Europe, Canada and the United States.

From Amritsar there are international flights to only 10 destinations. With the exception of two flights to Great Britain, all international flights go to countries in the Middle East. Due to the lack of direct flights from Amritsar to Canada, the United States and Europe, the Punjabi diaspora is forced to land in Delhi and then travel via Haryana to Punjab. Indirect flights are expensive and time consuming, according to Raoul.

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