A.S Entertainment’s Parvez Numarry launches a song that breaks all previous records

A.S Entertainment’s Parvez Numarry launches a song that breaks all previous records

Launches another exceptional talent IffatFamita

 Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], February 16: Continuing with its tradition of launching outstanding talents and giving hit songs, A.S Entertainment has won the hearts of millions. It has launched a spectacular beauty IffatFamita. The founder producer Parvez Numarry has launched many outstanding talents in the past, and all of them have made it big in the world of entertainment. He has now discovered another diamond in the coal mine, and that is the stunning beauty IffatFamita. It helps to bridge the gap between industry requirement and talent availability.

More film production houses need to work with a similar vision in order to sift through enormous talent pools and identify exceptional talents. Creativity, technology, and an eye for talent are all that is required for them to launch talents that everyone will like. A.S entertainment has been popular for such capabilities.

Parvez’s experimentation with new talent gives him the edge over others and helps him access a romantic chartbuster, “Sanson Se,” that is A.S entertainment’s latest production. Fans are elated but not surprised because it comes from a production house has that is famous for giving great hits. IffatFamita, the lead in the song, mesmerized the audience with her performance. Fans are asking where she was till now.

A.S entertainment is a leading production house committed to producing music videos and films that create a difference. Parvez has an eye for outstanding performers, and he hones them well. He says, “I can see the potential in these young stars. They are dedicated and professional, and good actors. I can be their Godfather in the Film Industry if they have the right talent and potential. All I value is skills and professionalism”. IffatFamita said that she is lucky to have made her debut with Parvez, a constant guiding light for her and others in the industry.

The song is also creating a buzz due to the soulful voice of Yash Wadali, who has previously sung hit numbers like IkVaari, Laare da ki Kariya and Brown Brown. Munish Kalyan has directed the song.

Parvez Numarry previously produced a Music video, “Ajnabi Sa”, that became a big chartbuster on youtube with a million views. He expects “Sanson Se” to surpass this record because of how the song has turned out. It is the perfect combination of a melodious voice, a beautiful lead, and fantastic acting. Parvez Numarry has been an extraordinary producer in this decade. His work has been appreciated across all platforms. With an eye for creativity, Parvez Numarry has become a flagship brand in himself.

Facetime pictures LLC has achieved great heights under the able leadership of Parvez. Apart from giving the industry unique talents, Numarry also strategically analyzes the digital scope in the film industry. He is a top Film Maker, Social Activist, and Philanthropist who has brought about changes in the industry with his skills. He also owns a real estate company in New Jersey, USA, along with Facetime Pictures LLC. Once Parvez’s vision materializes with the launch of the business plan laid by FaceTime Pictures, Parvez will give tough competition to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, etc.