Gujarat emerges as a Medical Tourism Destination

Gujarat emerges as a Medical Tourism Destination

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Gujarat (India), April 4: India is at par with other western and European countries because of its state-of-the-art facilities, excellent infrastructure, expert healthcare professionals, conventional healthcare therapies, and quality nursing facilities. Cost is one vital factor that makes India lucrative for medical tourism. Apart from modern medical procedures, India is known for ancient health and wellness methods such as Ayurveda, Yoga, and Naturopathy. A broad spectrum of hospitals in India caters to medical tourism. Addressing the 2022 post-budget webinar of the Union Health Ministry and Family Welfare, our Prime Minister emphasized facilitating universal access to India’s quality and the cost-effective healthcare system. It will boost medical tourism and provide more income opportunities for citizens in Gujarat.

Because of medical tourism people prefer to treat their illnesses closer to home, but obstacles, such as long waiting periods, high treatment costs, and other factors, would force them to cross borders for the best and most efficient medical care. Medical tourists are those people who travel to a foreign country to receive quality healthcare services. There is a significant growth in the globalization of health that has led to the rise of medical tourism. Medical Tourism, in recent years, has become a growing sector in our country. Medical Tourism in India, in mid-2020, was estimated to be worth around USD 9 billion.

Medical Tourism in Gujarat

Gujarat has a competitive edge over other states in terms of medical tourism. This is due to the state’s world-class facilities, super-specialty hospitals, excellent doctors, zero waiting time, reasonable prices, and cutting-edge infrastructure. Previously, the private sector had a minimal role in Gujarat’s healthcare sector. However, it has now evolved into a booming industry. The local government support is also essential to sustain the market.

Vibrant Gujarat Initiative

Vibrant Gujarat, a successful initiative that improves the state’s economic relations, also benefits the healthcare industry in Gujarat. This project brought about a radical change in the state hospitals, which got further accelerated by the arrival of international healthcare providers. Many hospitals in the state have substantial experience providing healthcare to NRGs. Most of them have national and global accreditations like JCI and NABH certifications.

Government of India and Medical Tourism

Consecutively, the Indian government has also implemented comprehensive strategies to enhance medical tourism in India. One of the most critical developments is to provide simple, quick, and special visas to any foreign traveler visiting India on medical grounds. Amongst the other states of India – Gujarat is emerging as the leading state for medical tourism. Ahmedabad, the most influential city in Gujarat – has acquired the distinction of being the country’s most renowned destination; for medical treatments.

Top Medical Treatments in Gujarat

A handful of the top medical treatments in Gujarat are

–         Cardiology,

–        In Vitro Fertilization,

–        Dental Care,

–         Spine Treatment,

–        Cancer Treatment,

–        Plastic Surgery,

–        Wellness, and

–        Holistic Care through Indian Systems of Medicine.

The advancement in digitalization has enhanced the visibility of prominent doctors, surgeons, and hospitals. Medical professionals and hospitals can now display their specialties, skills, healthcare packages, and other relevant details online. Prospective patients across the world have easy access to this type of information.

Medical Tourism consultants in Gujarat

In this industry, many companies work as collaborators and service providers. MediFlam Pvt Ltd is one such example. MediFlam is the most effective and robust digital healthcare provider in the country. MediFlam assists and guides international patients to avail the best quality treatment facilities and medical services. They are renowned as the best Medical Tourism consultant in Gujarat. They not only facilitate top medical treatments to international patients but also handle all of their travel arrangements.

Final Words

Lastly, Tourism in Gujarat is also one of the lucrative aspects that aid in medical tourism in the state. Medical tourists can travel and explore this diverse state in addition to receiving treatment. The main attractions are Asiatic lions, a diverse terrain, friendly locals, rich heritage and culture. Plus, Ahmedabad has excellent air connectivity with several international destinations.

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