IDEA CLINICS to expand into 20 cities by the end of 2025

IDEA CLINICS to expand into 20 cities by the end of 2025

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New Delhi (India), May 5: IDEA CLINICS (Institute Of Diabetes, Endocrinology & Adiposity Pvt Ltd), healthcare outside hospital is home to India’s largest group of Endocrinologists, aims to expand to 20 cities with a strength of 50 clinics by the end of 2025 with an objective of bringing diabetes treatment to your doorstep. IDEA CLINICS is addressing one of the largest health problems of the 21st century Diabetes and other Non-Communicable Diseases which account for highest deaths and disabilities across the world.

Current health care systems, both in the public and private sectors are heavily oriented towards reactive care with episodic treatment. There is less emphasis on preventive, primary and continuity of care that is required to manage chronic conditions and reduce long term economic burden on individuals and the healthcare ecosystem. IDEA Clinics through its hybrid model has taken on this challenge of building a solution to tackle Diabetes and other NCDs at scale. IDEA Clinics has pioneered a Proactive & Continuous Care model with the right blend of human touch and precision healthcare technology to combat Diabetes and other lifestyle disorders.

Dr Shyam Sunder Kalavalapalli, founder of Idea Clinics strongly believes that healthcare in the post COVID 19 era is transiting from the traditional hospital dependent transactional and fragmented care to more doctor supported, technology driven integrated convenient care, whether over the phone, at home or at centers in their neighbourhood. He believes healthcare models may struggle to sustain or add a lasting value without a doctor being at the center of care; after all, patients choose where to go based on the doctors rather than on the technology they possess.

IDEA Clinics has touched thousands of people through its 360 degree healthcare service delivery model and made a deep impact in improving their health and ultimately their quantity and quality of life by leveraging the accuracy and precision of its proprietary technological tools. With in-house Technology, along with Precision health care, patients are kept informed on their historic health data with the support of App and health analytics engines. This is achieved by capturing every patient’s data consistently so that the right personalized care can be given.

IDEA Clinics has a proven & sustainable business model which is low capital intensive, easily scalable and with little operational risks. And this is a great opportunity for strategic investors to help scale this initiative across India. Ideaclinics flagship products are Diabetes Care at Home, Heart care, BP care, Hormonal care at Home, Diabetes Reversal Therapy and other similar products in the areas of hormonal health and preventive care supported by its hybrid integrated model.

Diabetes Reversal Therapy is a clinically proven 100-day program to reduce blood sugar, lose weight, prevent health complications and stop/minimize medications, with access to our team of Endocrinologists, Physicians & Dieticians and supported by analytics and machine learning tools.

The Diabetes Care at Home is one of its kind programs that brings treatment of Diabetes to one’s doorstep. Patients have the option of choosing from a short-term or an extensive program. Accordingly they have access to all types of screenings, lab tests, dietary assessments, prescriptions from the best endocrinologists, health coach support and even have medicines delivered to their doorstep.

Idea Clinics aims to serve 25 Million Indians in the next few years with an omni-channel tech enabled remote healthcare model along with establishing 50 super specialist clinics in Tier 1 and 2 cities by 2025.Having piloted a profitable model for health care outside hospitals in Hyderabad with scalability across India, the leadership team are actively seeking investments and are at present in talks with strategic investors in Singapore and the US.

The team comprises specialized and expert medical professionals, along with dedicated departments for handling operations, admin, in-house technology & marketing which cohesively function together as per organizational objectives.

India is at the transitional period to be a global player and healthcare remains no exception. Infact, there are not many organizations within the health sector that could represent the whole Nation. At present, the health sector is confined to individual cities or regions and paradoxically unlike the western world, we behave as different Nations within the Country With some of the best doctors, technologists and man power, India needs to build national organizations which serve the needs of the 21st century. With advancements of technologies, there could be potential for healthcare needs to be outsourced from the western world to India. Also, within India, the life expectancy is atleast a decade less compared to the western world. The quality of life remains poor with increased hospitalizations at young age for cardiac, kidney and other avoidable ailments The inspiration was to make specialized care like that of the West available across India with a single database with India centric research and care facilities.

Most healthcare needs in the present day are data-driven but the way healthcare providers care for patients is still largely divorced from the array of technologies available, like glucose monitors that can track historical trends or BP monitoring, sleep studies etc. Today most of the burden of managing one’s health is placed on the patients. The idea or inspiration was to reduce this burden through support systems with experts, technology, tele-health and home services and hence IDEA CLINICS was formed.

Also, Idea Clinics has been awarded The Times Health Survey: Best Hospitals & Clinics Award for 3 consecutive years.

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