“Let’s Celebrate Womanhood” On the Occasion of International Women’s Day, WINGS Hospitals Group organized WALKATHON 2022 across major cities of Gujarat

“Let’s Celebrate Womanhood” On the Occasion of International Women’s Day, WINGS Hospitals Group organized WALKATHON 2022 across major cities of Gujarat

March 12: International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide to acknowledge women’s contribution, their deeds and their sacrifices towards societal development. To highlight this fact, WINGS Hospitals Group organized “WINGS Walkathon 2022” at Ahmedabad, Surat and Rajkot on 6th March 2022 (Sunday). The event took place at all three locations simultaneously on the same day and at the same time to encourage the cause and to create more awareness about women’s health. Fitness coach Ms. Sapna Vyas was the main guest of honour at the event and did flag off this multi-city walkathon from Ahmedabad.

In a country like INDIA, where a woman is considered as an incarnation of “Shakti” (power) wherein, they still struggle for space to live their life to the fullest. As a daughter, wife, mother and even as a grandmother – women are weaving strong bonds which is holding societies together. Right from medieval time to this modern era, we all have witnessed women attaining their fullest glory. Women are the epitome of nurturing power, and that’s why we call them “Prakuti” (Mother Nature). We are strongly witnessing women’s contribution to businesses, corporates and in developing economic growth of the country. On all fronts, women excel as Entrepreneurs, CEOs, social activists, journalists etc.

With a noble cause to celebrate womanhood, WINGS WALKATHON 2022 took off at Vallabhsadan, Sabarmati riverfront, to NID on 6th March 4, 2022. The event started at 6:30 AM, and a large number of dedicated women along with men participated in this event to acknowledge their gratitude toward the contribution of women to society.

Along with this fast-paced life, it is the most obvious phenomenon that women often neglect their health for their service towards their jobs & families. To bring more awareness towards women’s health, fitness coach and celebrity Ms. Sapna Vyas joined the cause of this awareness walkathon& while addressing women in society at large, she spread a message on women’s health& empowerment. Ms. Sapna Vyas also joined the awareness walkathon to raise awareness about women’s health, and while addressing women in society, she conveyed the message of women’s health and empowerment. She congratulated the WINGS Group and all those who participated in the walkathon.

In the context of health and pregnancy, there are many factors like current lifestyle, food habits, stress, delayed marriages and many other reasons which lead to a stressful journey to attain parenthood.

Clinical Director of WINGS IVF Group Dr. Jayesh Amin said, “International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world on 8th March, to mark which we have organized WINGS Walkathon-2022 for Women’s Empowerment today. The main purpose of organizing this event is to promote women’s empowerment. I appeal to the government to formulate various policies to increase the literacy rate among women and make them economically viable. ‘Dr. addressing the women further said that every woman should keep in mind the three mantras of fitness, nutrition and hygiene in her life so that many problems arising in her life can be solved.

“To become a mother is the most divine experience in life”. We at WINGS IVF hospital provide unique solutions towards infertility with our most advanced technologies along with our 17 years of experience& 20,000 live births through IVF experience, which put us in that elite category of care providers focusing on reducing time to pregnancy. With our pioneering technologies like Freeze more, day 5 transfer for all, PGT, ERA, AI etc., we are pioneers in the industry with industry-leading success rates. We specialize in cases having a past history of multiple IVF failures. WINGS IVF Group is a referral Centre for own eggs pregnancy across India. WINGS IVF hospital provides all infertility related treatments across eight geographic locations in India and is expanding its WINGS to bring clinical excellence in the field of infertility treatments.

Let’s take an oath to gift a safer, stronger living ‘space’ to every woman in society and in-country at large.