Motovlogger from South India, Bayya Sunny Yadav Dreams of a trip to London

Motovlogger from South India, Bayya Sunny Yadav Dreams of a trip to London

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April 15: Dreams give us the power to do the things that we can only think about. But Motovlogger Bayya Sunny Yadav was the first person who moved towards the shore of success by achieving their goals in life. He decided to plan his next trip from Hyderabad to London on his motorbike. He also has the accolades of the 1st Telugu Motovlogger to complete 1 million subscribers on YouTube besides having many long-journey bike records to many districts of various states of India including Lucknow, Nadabet, Kanyakumari, and even Bangladesh.

Usually, if people travel one hundred kilometers, they usually get tired but Sunny was a champion. He traveled thousands of kilometers without stopping. He also went abroad on his bike. He has traveled to all the states except two in India. During this journey of thousands of kilometers, he never tired of sitting on a bike.

Born in a very middle-class family, Sunny, started his dream of being a biker, he started driving his father’s bike at 13 years and took a 2nd hand Yamaha RX 100 after getting a license at 18 years.

Since then, he has is not looked back for him and during the middle of his many trips, even if the bike was punctured or needs repairs, he did not stop in fear. He would continue his journey on the bike. The ride on this bike has brought immense recognition to him and became an inspiration.

In 2018, he tried his idea and decided to do a Motovlogger from Suryapet to Vizag. Sunny’s parents initially did not agree with his idea of a 480 km distance, alone ride on a bike. They were frightened and said that Sunny didn’t catch on, though. He told them to be courageous and not to interrupt him for two years. His first journey was very difficult and had a lot of hurdles and problems. Sunny had to wait to get recognition. He shoots the entire journey with his camera and explains the details of the area and tells the story in Telugu as entertainment. He started a YouTube channel called Bhayya Sunny Yadav and uploaded the videos.

His first MotoVlog cost around Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 to complete. Sunny did not ask for this money at home. He won money and played the Kabaddi game so that he can earn some money for his journey. He created new records and got a lot of recognition and success.

He has created six records in India World Records so far and received the first award from India World Records for covering a distance of 500 km between Hyderabad and Nagpur on a 390cc bike in 05:01:00 minutes. He took the second award when he reached the distance of 1000 km between Hyderabad to Rewa (MP) in 10:22:00 minutes.

From completing the 1348 km distance between Hyderabad and Lucknow in 15:47:00 minutes, reaching the 1270 km distance from Hyderabad to Kanyakumari at 15:32:00, the first Telugu moto vlog by Sunny on the YouTube channel tyakshi completed the distance of 4500 km in just ten days. He has won six awards from India World Records. He also earned a place in the India Book of Records to cover the distance of 1348 km between Hyderabad and Lucknow in 15:47:00 minutes.

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