Tabschool Launches a Bundle of 4 Apps to Aid Digitalization in Schools

Tabschool Launches a Bundle of 4 Apps to Aid Digitalization in Schools

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April 4: India’s leading ed-tech start-up, Tabschool is a pioneer in providing modernistic and advanced digital tools to currently 200+ schools all across the country. It’s a Cloud-Based Learning Management System and Assessment tool which is a ‘forerunner in making classrooms digital and bagless.’ With over 40,000 students accessing Tabschool every day, learning hasn’t stopped for the spirited and young dynamic youths who are benefitting themselves by investing in Tabschool.

This digital classroom platform is based on a flip classroom model. It’s a strategy to implement blended learning in a way that increases student engagement and learning by having pupils take initial information at home and work on live problem-solving applications during class. Debating and healthy discussions prove to be essential in this day and age to enhance interactivity, socialization and improve learning outcomes.

Building a flexible learning environment and a learning culture for students to share and exchange information has been the primary goal of Tabschool. It blends in so well because we already provide libraries with pre-loaded content and students can add their pre-built content as well.

Everybody has a right to information and with this same motive; Tabschool believes in digitalizing schools of tier II-III cities so that everyone can view the material which is accessible through our platform. We provide educational tablets for classrooms with a monitoring mechanism and parental controls to keep a student’s activity in check at all times. Misuse of technology can be drastic and we don’t want our students being indulged in that danger.

This year, Tabschool launches apps for schools to access content through smartphones, anytime and anywhere. We provide a bundle that comprises four applications designed for schools that will automate, digitalize the processes and daily tasks. That bundle consists of School Management System also known as ERP, Classroom Management System, Bus Tracking System and Website Management System as well.

Now that majority of schools and educational institutes have re-opened, digitalization has become a necessity. Instead of selling different software individually, Tabschool is selling them in a bundle to aid digitalization and to make it easier for its consumers by simply making available all the different software in a single whole package.

Tabschool also enables teachers to create & design gamified content for students so the concept of smart classes flourishes in the education sector even more.

Established in 2018, Tabschool Founder and CEO Harshpal Singh Khurana says that “The idea behind launching these apps was to assist schools of tier II-III cities to become fully digital because they were severely hit in the pandemic.” Harshpal added that “We are launching these apps at a competitive cost so that schools of these cities can be prepared and get ready for the future.”

Tabschool is the right pick for educational institutes and schools. It doesn’t come with any downsides and only brings upon quality education for the students to learn and grow.

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